How we can start?

  • First, we ask you show us your portfilio and a few examples of some typical images you need to retouch, both before and after editing, so we can evaluate amount of work needed
  • then we give you pricing based on amount of retouches per week/month. We offer great discounts for photographers who regularly as we prefer long-time bussiness relations
  • when we start, we always make sure that both sides understand each other completly. We strogly encourage our photographers to send us notes to explain what a particular image/s need or what does the client said. Once we take a grasp on your style and expectations we can basically read your mind and only minimal contact is needed – you just send out images and get them retouced shortly.

How can I send you images?

For test runs and single orders you can use whatever suits you but once if you value productivity we strongly suggest using Dropbox.

What payments method do you accept?

  • For clients from Europe there is a low cost platform called Conotoxia which works just like Paypal but better (no fees).
  • For the rest of the World Paypal is the best however we add up 5% to your order value to cover it’s fees.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate, we will be more than happy to aswer all of them.